Suzy Morris & Chris Morris 


After 38 years of building Creative Marketing Agencies, we felt it was time for change, time to get back to what we REALLY love to do, BEING CREATIVE, expressing and challenging ourselves to make a difference to people’s lives and lifestyles.

As our agency grew year on year, we found our roles started to change. We no longer were part of the exciting brainstorming sessions that created progressive concepts and campaigns, no longer part of the implementation of those creative ideas that quenched our thirsts for Design. We ended up at the head of a company of over 50 people. This was an incredible journey, but one that led us to management meetings, strategy, and direction sessions, dealing with finance, and HR. A position of great responsibility, but not great creativity. 

Throughout our whole lives, we have both been super passionate about Interiors, creating eclectic, expressive environments as we moved from home to home. Constantly on the look out for the unusual to curate our dream homes. 

This was our way of expressing the creativity we longed for within the latter part of our careers.

So after months of soul searching and heartache – we made the bold decision to start our new journey and MOMO Interiors was born.